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How do I apply for a reception place at Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy for September 2019?

If your child was born between 01.09.2014 and 31.08.2015 and you would like your child to start in our reception class you will need to apply by completing an application form which can be downloaded below.

These applications should be sent to Angela O’Brien at the following address: newschool@satrust.com

The closing date for reception applications is 15/01/2019


How do I apply for a place in any other of our open year groups for September 2019?

We will also be taking applications for our classes in Years 1 to Year 5. We will not be taking applications for children in Year 6.

To apply for one of these places you will also need to use the application form on the website. This needs to be sent directly to Angela O’Brien at the following address newschool@satrust.com.

Once an application has been received we will then advise you, by email, of the next step of the admissions process. You will be asked to also make an application to Derbyshire County Council in the Summer Term (after Easter 2019) to confirm your place.


What happens if more than 15 apply for each year group?

The school has an admission number of 30 in reception, 30 in key stage 1 (years 1 and 2), 30 in lower key stage 2 (years 3 and 4) and 15 in Year 5.

The school will accordingly admit this number of pupils if there are sufficient applications. If there are more applications than 15 for a particular year group we will be flexible where possible.


Will there be nursery provision?

The school will not have a nursery.


How will transition work?

We want your children to feel as comfortable as possible about starting at a new school. We will be holding transition events called our ‘Flying Start’ sessions in the summer term in June/July 2019. These will give children a chance to meet their teachers, peers and friends. Chellaston Fields will not yet be built at this point so these sessions will take place in another of our local Trust Schools – Wyndham Primary Academy.

During the summer there will also be plenty of community events held once the School is finished such as summer BBQs, Tree planting and summer fates. These will allow the new children and their families to fully immerse themselves in our Chellaston Fields ethos and meet other families starting at our school.

Before the school officially opens in September 2019 we will also hold show arounds to allow parents and children the chance to see the classrooms and other facilities to ensure that they feel ready for starting school.


When will school be staffed?

There is currently our Principal Designate – Joanna McGregor, in place, with the support of our Primary Education Director – Angela O’Brien. Starting in the spring, roles will start to be filled to aid the smooth opening of the school. Upon opening there will be teachers, cooks, site manager, teaching assistants and office staff. Staff numbers will increase with pupil numbers and then according to the growth of the school.


Will you be cooking school dinners on site?

Yes. We will have a state of the art onsite kitchen that will provide nutritious, healthy, hot school meals for all pupils.


There is a swale patch at the side of the school – will there be fencing around the school site?

The swale patch is completely separate from the school site and will not be used by the school. There will be fencing around the school site boarder and will be completely safe.


Will further meetings be held for other interested parents?

There will be further meetings to inform parents of updates and meet other interested parents – please follow us on twitter or visit the website for further dates and locations.